How much do you know about fiber laser cutting machine?

With the development of laser cutting technology, laser cutting is used in a wider and wider range of fields, and more and more materials are applicable. And how much do you know about fiber laser cutting machines? Do you know what laser cutting is? Is it dangerous to operate a laser cutting machine? Do you know the answer? If you don’t know, just read this article!

How does the laser cutting machine work?

Laser cutting uses a focused high power density laser beam to irradiate the workpiece so that the irradiated material rapidly melts, vaporizes, ablates or reaches the ignition point. At the same time, the molten material is blown out by the high-speed airflow coaxial to the beam, and the spot irradiation position is moved by the CNC mechanical system to cut the workpiece.

Is it dangerous to operate a laser cutting machine?

Laser cutting is a very environmentally friendly method of processing metal and is generally not harmful to the body. Compared with plasma cutting and carbon dioxide cutting, laser cutting produces less dust, less light and less noise.

However, if the user does not operate the machine in the correct way, it can also cause personal injury to the user or damage to the machine. Here are some notes while using the machine.

  • Be careful with flammable materials.

Beware of flammable materials when using the laser cutting machine. Certain materials are not allowed to be cut on the laser cutter, including foam cores, any PVC material, highly reflective materials, etc. In addition, do not store other explosive and flammable items in the laser processing area

  • Prohibit a long time to stare at the operation of laser processing.

Do not stare at the laser head the whole time. Staff often like to stare at the cutting head while using the laser cutting machine. Such as a long time to gaze at the sparks generated by cutting, will cause damage to the eyes and produce a stinging sensation. Observation of the laser through binoculars, microscope, magnifying glass, etc. is prohibited.

  • Dust removal device is necessary

The machine should be equipped with the appropriate dust removal device. In addition, users should try to operate in a clear air environment and wear a mask.

DXtech S series laser cutting machine is equipped with a protective cover, allowing users to process metal materials safely and securely. It is also equipped with an internal camera lens so that users can observe the material processing situation in time.

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